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“It’s the most beautiful land human eyes ever saw”

These words were logged by Christopher Columbus in 1492. He was off Gibara on Cuba’s north coast in present day Holquin. The name may be familiar as the city became a focal point of this week’s news when Pope Francis held mass and blessed the Hill of the Cross.400dpiLogo


Columbus was so impressed with Cuban waters he named two reef and island areas for his king Ferdinand and his backer queen Isabella.

We’ll visit those in a moment

For more than a half century Cuba, lying just 97 miles south of the US has been forbidden fruit to Americans. On Dec.17th 2014 all that changed. Today, Cuba is open to the world, including America.

Under the new regulations the largest of the Antilles is once more reachable by both air and water.

As one attorney who’s been doing business for a decade told me “The administration just told Americans…if you want to go to Cuba. go.

There are currently 12 categories under which Americans can legally travel to Cuba,

My favorite is support the Cuban people. It’s all encompassing.

And, if your mission is a mission.

You can follow the lead of a woman who after just returning from a religious sojourn to the island declared. “Cuba is hungry for Jesus.

But, after decades of denial most Americans have difficulty getting their head around this new and exciting travel opportunity…especially boaters.

Propaganda broadcast from both sides of the Florida Straits has distorted the reality that is Cuba.

Tonight, with your permission I rely on more than thirty trips to Cuba mostly by boat to dispel many of these falsehoods. I take pleasure introducing you to this island. It’s an island whose people welcomes we Yumas from the north, as close friends and neighbors, returning from a long absence.

A lady running a new Cuban casa particular summed it up nicely, “We’ve had a family spat,” she said. “now we’re making up.” Being an American means you’re special to most Cubans.

Buffett said it best, “Everyone has a cousin in Miami.


How many here have been to Cuba


I’m going to make a bold statement now. Cuba is the safest destination for Americans on this planet.

Let me repeat that. Cuba is the safest destination for Americans on this planet.


Let me show you why.



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