Cuban Travel Tip # 7


2013-04-23 08.10.02Cuba Travel Tip #7
Casa Particular – Cuban version of a bed and breakfast owned by private entrepreneurs….your money goes directly to the people. 5 star rated for safety and service.
So. You googled “Casa Particular” and found what looked to be a nice room off the Malecon in Havana. You booked two nights and left the rest of your week on the island open. You’d read some crazy travel tip advising a “book as you go” schedule for rooms. Worry not. No matter your travel schedule, Cuba’s Coconut Telegraph (thanks Jimmy) connects Casa Particular owners across the island.
Casa Particular owners, when told of your next destination will call ahead and find you a room. Their homegrown reservation system rivals Marriot. Whether you’re off to explore the valleys of Pino del Rio or dive the Bay of Pigs, there will be a casa particular close by. Even though you have a reservation, look around. If you find a nicer house in the area there will be no hard feelings.
At two separate book events over the weekend I spoke to several people just returned from Cuba. All were ushered through U.S. Customs and Emigration with a smile and a wave. “They don’t really care why you went.” Commented one traveler. Another returnee said, “If you read the regulations, the administration is telling Americans to go if you want.”

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