Cuban Travel Tip #6

67For first time travelers to Cuba, Havana is a must see. Narrow stone streets separate magnificent architectural monuments in this former colonial capital…. it exudes old world charm. At night, except for the tropical aromas and reggaeton beat, it could well be Seville or any number of European enclaves.
So, you’ve landed a Jose Marti airport outside Havana….now what?
Going through customs in Cuba is a breeze most times. As a foreigner you’ll be photo’d and passed through with a normal luggage search. Declare nothing. Everything you’ve brought – other than personal belongings – are gifts for the Cuban people.
Outside the airport is organized chaos with reunions, hawkers, and Cubans waiting for their muled goods from the U.S.
If you rented a car you might want to delay picking it up for a couple of days. Taxis are the way to see Havana. Driving in the city is a nightmare. Spend a couple of days acclimating before heading out on your own.

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