Cuban Travel Tip #3

Once you’ve selected a General License category, you’ll need to find a flight that fits your schedule. In Florida, ABC Charters flies out of Tampa and Miami to not only Havana, but Santa Clara, Holguin, Santiago and Cienfuegos as well. Flight schedules are on their website.
ABC Charter’s web page offers reservation service for other locations in the US, but a call to their office revealed no other airports service Cuba at this time. Other airports including O’Hare and Dallas-Ft.Worth have been licensed for flights to Cuba, so expect them to ramp up service soon.
When you Google “flights to Cuba” you will be directed to websites featuring passage through another country. In most instances the American emigration and customs officers in those countries have been dealing with Americans returning from Cuba for quite some time. Recent returnees from the island through Cancun or Nassau have experienced few problems.
If you can fly out of Tampa, I recommend it. Tampa wants to be known as a gateway to Cuba and the attitude of the customs and emigration officers are refreshingly welcoming.

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