Cuban Travel Tip # 10 Safety

Old Cuban woman checks on a napping American

Casa Particular owner checks on her napping American guest

Cuban Travel Tip # 10

Travel Safety
Cuba today is not only one of the friendliest travel destinations in the hemisphere…..But one of the safest in the world. Other than pickpockets, panhandlers, petty thieves and hustlers, tourist – Including solo women – are pretty much free to roam the streets of cities like Havana worry free.
Violence on the island nation is mostly drunken bar brawls between sotted locals or domestic violence, both easily avoided. Not to say you are free to wander alone drunk into the poorest barrios at 3 A.M. and not expect trouble, but practice a little prudence and you’ll be fine.
And, unlike other poor countries in Central and South America I’ve traveled, that undercurrent of animosity toward “The Gringo” seems not to exits in Cuba, not yet anyway.
At the end of Conan O’Brien’s riotous romp through Havana last week, he made a point to emphasize the friendliness of the Cuban people. He was not overstating.
Who knows? Maybe after a couple of spring breaks and a few winter seasons of sunburned mid-western tour groups, this love affair with Americans will change. I hope not.

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