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  1. Have not seen you since i was in the Keys 4 years ago and you took the time to take me fishing. When you are in town and have time i will take you to dinner to catch up on old times. Thanks again for the fishing trip

  2. I have attempted to order your book through your website. When I click on “buy”, it kicks me over to my paypal account which has no purchase option for 97 miles south. Please advise.

  3. Phil
    I am interested in going to Cuba this next summer in 40ft express to fish the Hemingway Tourn. Would like to know how it is done legally and what paperwork is needed. And any advice you can give. By the way the book was a good read.
    Bobby Thousand

  4. Phil,
    Max my Weimaraner and I met you in Hyde Park on our bike. I promised to come back to buy a book, but the Sunday afternoon”nap monster” got me.
    How do I send you a check and get an autographed copy?

  5. Bill Wright mentioned something about Phil Thompson and a book on facebook, I said ” You mean Phil Thompson that used to work with O.H.? I heard you moved to the Keys years ago but that was it. Believe it or not have thought of you often and wondered what happened, man we have some catching up to do. Left you a message on facebook so hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Hey Phil, Robert from Tampa, remember my wife purchased your book–just a reminder. So happy to have met you, good conversation!
    Well I am excited about the prospect of traveling to Cuba. I am hoping you may have some info for me. If you are traveling soon then maybe I can get a trip with you?
    Hope things are going well. I would love to hear from you soon.

  7. Hi Phil, I met you today at the Tampa Farmers Market and look forward to reading your book. The speaker I heard in Sarasota was Michael Connors who wrote The Splendor of Cuba. You might enjoy looking up the website about the book.
    We have just moved here last week for the winter and liked hearing about your summer on the Vineyard. Anne

  8. Hi Phil,
    Just finished your book. I liked the story, leisurely reading, and great suspenseful ending.
    Thanks for keeping in touch.

  9. My wife and I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago at the St. Pete boat show. I (literally) just finished reading your book and I have nothing but kudos for it. It is worthy of a major publisher. Thank you for taking me vicariously to a place I long to visit. Your vivid depiction of Cuba and its people almost enabled me to taste and smell their surroundings. You definitely left me sympathizing with them over their plight. I pray that by God’s grace the shackles that bind them politically (by their government AND ours) and spiritually will soon be broken.
    Thanks again for taking me on an adventure these last few days. I look forward to reading your next work and possibly meeting you again.

    Michael Crafts
    “Cuba Libre!”

    P.S. Thank you for the encouragement you gave to my wife concerning her own writing aspirations.

  10. Hola, Capt Phil, what a thriller of a Story from the Sea of despair, despairation and domination in Cuban waters. After compleating the book, while visiting our son, CMDR John, USN-INTEL, at NAVY’s win over Delaware this weekend. As we sat on the Tarmac at Reagan, early AM, Monday, while the ‘Shooting’ at the NAVY YARD, across the Potomic evolved.. the end of 97 Miles rapidly approached it’s heart throbbing climax. Your book is terrific, fast forwarding the Castro constricted poverty regime, Blue Marlin mastery, and a Love bonding, under under two Gov’ts constraints, braving the Florida straits of troubled waters. The only conclusion… in my mind’s eye.. is a Movie Amigo. ‘Your Third Man in the Ring’.

  11. Hi Capt Phil: Followed you and your Cuban exploits on Coastal Angler a while back. Rodney is an old aquaintance. Cuba is an old love interest.
    I am planning a trip this winter. Would like to hook up with a local who could get me around to my list of places I want to see. In particular Mariel which I plan to write my next book about. I know you had one amigo who was very knowledgeable. Any chance you could help me with some contact?
    Kindest regards, Steve Kesterson, Sr 352 267-4909

  12. Hi Capt. Phil: I just finished reservations for the last week of January. We rented a place on Linea in the Vedada district – 25th thru 29th. We are going first to Cancun/Isla Mujeres then across to Cuba. We will get in touch with Chino before trip begins and if you talk to him you can tell him to expect either myself or Jerrin Kesterson (my daughter) to call. She is the real spanish speaker in the group. She spent two years in Argentina. Thanx for your help. I’ll keep you posted.

    Regards, Steve Kesterson

  13. I’m back from Maui & Cali visiting family in Sarasota. Would love to hear from you. I hope your second girl said “yes”. My cowgirl days are over and I’m ready to go sailing again. ❤️As Ever, Susannah

  14. Phil
    I ran into some of your friends at Marina Hemmingway. Love to flyfish. Not sure it’s possible Sat or Sun early. But if that does not work, I want to come back for a flyfishing trip to Cuba
    Staying at Hotel Nacional

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