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During the seventies and into the early eighties, South Florida was the capital of herb. Marijuana bales floated ashore with the tide and at times, rained from the sky. Close proximity to Jamaica and Columbia – prime producers of the illegal weed – made the lower peninsular an ideal landing strip and offloading point for planes and vessels of every description. Loose bands of smugglers with no connection to organized crime operated at will. And violence, now synonymous with the trade was rare. Before cocaine was king, smuggling was a laid back business open to anyone who could fly a plane or navigate a boat across the Straits of Florida.

Another great story from the author of 97 Miles South.” -John Radkins, editor C.A.M. Magazine

97 Miles South – Paperback Edition  $9.95 plus $3.95 S&H

“The plot takes the reader on a spellbinding ride that exposes the ugly political underside of modern Cuba. Adventure, Romance, Intrigue – it’s all there.” Bonnie Rice

“I’m really impressed, it’s a polished novel…. it’s very captivating, and absolutely beautiful when you talk about nature, fishing and the Cuban ways of life. THE FINAL MARLIN SCENE IS FANTASTIC! It really finishes strong! The last 50 pages are super suspenseful. It’s a bit like Hunter S. Thompson’s THE Rum Diaries.”
-David Conway, Managing Editor Florida Sportsman Magazine

Fun, entertaining, and often thought provoking read from a writer with what is obviously a genuine voice from experience. This book is easy to lose yourself in and was hard to put down. I love his expression of Cuba “bicycling its way through the jet age”. No doubt, Cuba is stuck in time, and the nearby island of Key West is full of colorful, rebellious, and adventurous characters. Phil Thompson weaves it all together into a vibrant book. Well done! This “new” writer has a very bright future and I look forward to his next book. (I wouldn’t be surprised if this book was made into a movie).  -Amazon review by Free Thinker

I just finished reading Phil Thompson’s new book 97 Miles South. What a great book! Couldn’t put it down. His knowledge of Big Game Fishing and vivid descriptions of Cuba hooked me. Fishing a Blue Marlin Tournament in an exotic setting such as Cuba-Can it get any better?
The plot takes the reader on a spellbinding ride that exposes the ugly political underside of modern Cuba. Adventure, Romance, Intrigue-It’s all here.
Phil Thompson’s first novel is going to have Randy Wayne White looking over his shoulder. This book is that good. Looking forward to the next Phil Thompson novel.

-Nolan RiceGulf Breeze, Florida

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11 thoughts on “Buy Books

  1. Well, Well, well….finally got it done. I am so looking forward to reading this, and I hope my copy will get here before I head back to the Med. I am just excited to have a library growing and this book will find a place near the “stuff” from the 98 Cuban visit we did with Tim, quite the experience and it still holds a dear part of my heart. If you happen to get on Facebook, or send me an email address I will get you some images of my new little one, Aaron Jax Phoenix; Born on Jan. 10, 2012. He and Mom are doing well as we are living in Peary court and getting settled with the new addition. Best of everything to you and the family, and I hope we stay in touch. Put in a good signature on the book and I look so very much in reading this. Be good my friend….. HKP

    • Remember when you sent your highly placed, top security clearance father a Christmas card from Cuba.

      Good thing Homeland security didn’t exist then.
      Congrats on the baby.

      Enjoy the book.

  2. I started reading Phil’s “97 Miles South” as soon as I got it and finished it over a weekend. Couldn’t put it down. What a blend of fishing a blue marlin tournament and Cuban suspense. His description of Havana and the Cuban countryside is just the way I imagine it to be…you can almost smell the blue smoke and taste the rum; the suspense of the story is captivating; and, you have to love a story about a Cuban temptress and a record catch.
    Well done and entertaining…can’t wait for the next one!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Cuba and I Love saltwater fishing, 97 Miles South
    brought me joy because this book takes you there.

  4. I just received your book in the mail and would like to order another hardback signed copy for my father for Christmas, however everytime I go to order it comes up with softcover on your website. How can I order another hard copy, autographed?

  5. Phil, we met in Ybor where I bought your book from you at the market. What a treat. So well-written and visually descriptive of the Cuban coast and the fishing, it was a pleasure. And a plot that was riveting. Can’t wait till you write another. Please tell me one is in the works?!

  6. Phil: I bought a copy of your book from you at the Miami Boat Show. We had a great discussion about “A Land Remembered,” Big Sugar, and travels in Latin America. I cannot tell how impressed I am with the book. I am a laid back guy, but a big reader and I hate to admit a bit of a snob when it comes to books. I am really impressed. I just ordered another copy on your site. Please contact me as I would like to order a number of copies as gifts and would like to see if I could get some hardbacks.

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