Cuba Travel- Hemingway Blue Marlin

IMG_2296A  group of  American anglers are awaiting word from the State Department for permission to compete in the 2014 Hemingway Marlin International Billfish Championship. Permission would allow the competitors to travel to Cuba in their own boats.

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A STEP BACKWARD:as printed in the Tampa Times.
The recent government policy change has made it virtually impossible to obtain a Cuban travel permit. These actions, depriving Americans the chance to visit Cuba is more reminiscent of steps Castro and his regime take to prevent free association rather than what we expect from the good old U.S.A.

Stopping American contact between our two peoples not only hurts the multitudes of blossoming Cuban entrepreneurs economically….it cost American jobs.

On a recent ten day fact finding trip for a monthly column I write about fishing in Cuba, I spent only one night in a government run hotel and, ate one meal in a government restaurant – it was the worse meal of the trip.

In the living rooms of Casa particulars (private homes) where I stayed, we discussed politics openly- often with a full house of visiting neighbors. In the private restaurants and bars I interacted with the people of Cuba and not just officials spouting the party line.

When Americans are forced to travel in organized groups, the logistics usually require booking rooms in hotels joint ventured and managed by the Cuban government, funneling money directly into Cuban government coffers. And, when these same travelers are restricted from interacting on dance floors and beaches, and not allowed a rum and conversation in the corner bar, it plays right into the hands of the Cuban government, both economically and ideologically.

The proud father of these new restriction, Mr. Rubio, says he fears Americans traveling to the island will be indoctrinated by the wily Castro brothers. No one believes a man of the senators intelligence fears a sunburn horde of brainwashed mid-westerners returning bent on overthrowing the government of the United States, replacing it with a Marxist system. Sure, some may come home wearing a Che t-shirts, but that’s just because it’s a cool shirt.

Paul Ryan was all about sharing the ideology of democracy face to face with the Cuban People. He voted for and spoke eloquently for free travel and free trade. Then, after three days in Miami he had an epiphany.

It’s time Americans stop letting a hand full of self seeking politicians – bent on becoming the new rulers of Cuba – prevent “we the people” from exercising our God given right to go where we wish and speak to whom we please.

Republicans want jobs, check the American Chamber of Commerce numbers on how many jobs free travel to Cuba would create, in Florida alone.