The Sword of Prince Seitoku and the Seven Stars

Known as the sword that Shotoku Prince had, the “Shichisei Ken” is said to be called the “Seven Star Sword” because the Big Dipper is carved. It seems that “Hokuto Shichisei” has been considered in history as a symbol of the celestial people who rule over the world as if it were a celestial man sitting in the center of the night sky.

It seems that such belief in the Big Dipper, which may have come from the continent, continued from the Asuka era to the Nara era. From the sword that was said to be a sword at the time, the characteristics such as sword were also seen, and at that time, it may have been hardened to harden the blade in the technique of blacksmithing. Is believed to be. The Seven-Sword is known to many as a famous sword that appears in myths.

It is currently in the Tokyo National Museum, but seems to be owned by Shitennoji in Osaka. In the tradition passed down to Shitennoji, it seems that the fact that Prince Shotoku had the sword was passed down.