Swords in mythology

Famous as a mysterious sword in mythology, “Shichishitou” is a sword with an unusual shape with seven branches of a sword. The roots of this sword may not be clearly understood, but it seems to be thought that it is “Nanae sword” which appears in “Nihon Shoki”. In modern times, it has been a national treasure, but there seems to be a young generation of people who know the existence of “Seven Swords” by appearing in popular games. The influence of games and anime seems to be very large in the recent swords boom.

It seems that the existence of the fresh generation of people is felt very reliable in the aito family. The history of Japan, which is handed down from Japanese swords and other sources, may be a message to us who live in the present day. The younger generation may also be in a friendly environment in modern life by knowing the existence of swords that have no contact in games and anime.