Swords have own name

“天叢雲剣” (Amenomurakumonotsurugi) Tensho cloud sword is known to modern people as a famous sword in mythology. 「日本書紀」に出てくる「天叢雲剣(あめのむらくものつるぎ)」は 実は「草薙剣(くさなぎのつるぎ)」であるようなのです。「草薙剣」でしたら、ご存じ出る方も多いのではないでしょうか。There are many sword names and names in the Japanese calligraphy and Kojiki, but there seem to be many changes in names and names along the way.

As people may not know that “Tensho cloud sword” and “Kusanagi Sword” are the same, but “Tensho cloud sword” seems to be the name of the meaning that defeated the large snake covered with clouds. “Kusanagi Sword” seems to be the name named by 「ヤマトタケル」Yamatotakeru, he ran away while cutting down the grass. Today, it is enshrined in The 「熱田神社」 Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya as three kinds of sacred treasure.

Moreover legendary sword in mythology, the 「天之尾羽張」”Ameno obari” was born from a couple of Izanagi and Izanami. They were mentioned that who have created many gods in Japan. It is a sword with a decapitated head of Kagutsuchi, the god of fire.

It seems that the god born from the blood of Kamutsuchi, the god of fire, at the “Aman ohabari” is now the god of Kashima Jingu. There are many swords and gods in mythology, but it is not easy to remember the name of the sword as well as the name of the gods.