Message from Swords

It seems that more and more people are interested in swords from the boom of games and other things. A long time ago, when I called Japanese swords, I felt that it was great time of the Silver generation, but there seems to be a lot of introduction swords people of the new comers in the swords world recently.

There seem to be various rules for appreciating Japanese swords, but it doesn’t seem to be there which are some very difficult problems that the general public thoughts. Of course, Japanese swords and swords can be dangerous depending on the use of Japanese swords, but if you know the general rules of the world, it doesn’t seem to require particularly difficult treatment.

Of course, it is important to have a compilation with good expertise, but it likely that many people have not right acknowledge swords before that. In the times, swords have been treated as both weapons and art.

What are the Japanese swords and accompanying ornaments that exist beyond history talking around this day ? It is also fun to understand such a thing, and to appreciate the sword. Isn’t it important for us today to receive Japanese special thoughts on Japanese swords through out of the ages as a message?

We don’t think that the message of various people is put in the thing transmitted from the old age such as Japanese swords.